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Conceived and designed in conjunction with West Elm’s CEO and their hotel design team, the interior architecture was schemed and manufactured by VMAD within Sunset Park, Brooklyn’s Industry City. 

The four model rooms are the visual manifestation of each of the four iterations of the brand’s West Elm Hotel hospitality extension. They serve as a sales tool, clearly illustrating the essence of the concept to potential partners/investors. 

West Elm merchandise is specified throughout each space, underscoring the relationship between the hotels and West Elm stores.

A king sized bed is featured in a premium West Elm Hotel room, decorated with a geometric rug and lush traversing curtains.
A view of the desk and seating area in a West Elm Hotel model room. A mid-century light fixture hangs by the curtained wall.
Stylish wallpaper hangs behind a king-sized bed in a West Elm Hotel model room. A rich cranberry carpet and white curtains complete the space.
A grey queen-sized sleigh-bed in a West Elm Hotel model room with terra cotta colored curtains.
Plush velvet upholstered pieces create a warm and relaxing environment for a West Elm hotel room.