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Blackened steel and glass combine with wood veneer and brick to create the facade of J Crew's newly designed store.

Conceptualized in unison with J.Crew’s CEO and store operations team, VMAD incorporated an extensive list of programing requirements into an innovative design meant to position J.Crew as a leader in new, user-friendly brick-and-mortar stores.

The keys to the success of the new retail space include a streamlined lighting system which softens the space, and a central core encompassing the cash/wrap counter, dressing rooms, storage space, as well as an employee gathering area. Innovative display units designed by the VMAD team, both freestanding and wall-mounted, enhance the traffic flow and shopping experience.

New oak shelving units are illuminated by VMAD designed ceiling fixtures a the newly designed J Crew store.
Innovative rectangular light fixtures hang from the ceiling at the cashier's desk of J Crew's newly designed store. New oak shelving holds the women's collection
A wood-veneer wrapped cashier's desk stands in front of the dressing rooms at J Crew newly designed store. The space also features oak shelving and polished floors.
Gray flannel curtain panels cover the dressing rooms at J Crew's newly designed store. Slatted-wood walls separate the spaces.
Color coordinated blue and white men's clothing is arranged near a wood-slatted wall, over-painted with blue-gray paint at J Crew
The women's clothing area at J Crew has oak shelving, blue-gray walls, and polished floors.
Women's costume jewelry is presented on VMAD-designed fixtures at J Crew.
Men's accessories and suits at J Crew
The innovative ceiling light fixtures provide soft illumination at J Crew's newly designed store